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      We face a new and serious threat to general aviation that has just been announced.    Representative Shuster of Pennsylvania will introduce a bill in Congress (to be fast tracked for a September finish date) to privatize the FAA and take control away from Congress.   While on the surface, this may seem attractive due to the grid lock in DC, it would have an immediate and severe impact on all of us in general aviation. It would not be an exaggeration to say it would kill our industry.   Several countries can provide proof of that.   Similar to the 2005 attempt (as much as things change, they stay the same, just change the names and approach a bit),  this bill would create a private Board of Directors to oversee and control the FAA.  Most of the members would be from the airlines.  Contemplated are changes including user fees,  and restrictions on who can use the air space and airports and when.  Key to this would be a change from “first come, first serve” to “service the airlines and whatever is left over, give to general aviation”.


    This is a personal plea from myself and the WAA to become involved and write and call your representatives to express that this bill is a nonstarter.  As well, please pass the word and ask your peers and friends in the industry to look at the issue as well.    It is easy to do and more than one contact is ok.   If you have other ways to contact them (town halls, etc.), every bit helps.


     The WAA has always had a mission to help advise and educate the membership on matters of importance that could affect their ability to fly and as well, operate a business.   I suspect this is the most important notification and “call to action” you will ever see from this organization.  Please get involved.   Ed Bolen has made it clear that our congressional representatives and Senate counterparts listen most intensely to letters, emails, and calls from their home base.  If they do not hear a lot of traffic, they assume we do not care.   It is critical that we “kick up some dust” and get involved on this issue or we will end up with a “new” FAA that will not be friendly to all of general and business aviation.


Milt and the WAA BOD


Please note below on how to contact your representatives.

Contact Congress


Call to Action: Help Fight FAA Privatization, User Fees

Dear NBAA Member,

Business aviation confronts a serious legislative threat, and I am writing to ask that you immediately make your voice heard.

Here’s the situation, and why action is needed now: Last week, U.S. Rep Bill Shuster (R-9-PA) announced that in the coming days, an FAA reauthorization bill will be introduced in the House of Representatives calling for a privatized air traffic control system funded by user fees.

The potential consequences from such a bill cannot be overstated. Without Congress to ensure that our nation's air traffic system safeguards the aviation needs of the entire public – including the people and companies that rely on general aviation in small and mid-size towns – such sweeping authority would instead be granted to a group of self-interested parties.

Our industry cannot be silent or complacent against these threats. We must once again make our united voice of opposition heard on this issue. You can do so by using NBAA’s online "Contact Congress" resource, which helps people in business aviation make their voices heard about the policies most important to them.

Oppose ATC Privatization and User Fees

I ask that you please take a moment now to express your strong opposition against any legislation that would enact user fees and strip Congress of its role in protecting unencumbered access to the air traffic system. Members of Congress are most attentive to their constituents, who live and work in the states and districts they are charged with representing. Contact Congress provides a quick, convenient means to tell your elected officials you oppose these dangerous proposals. Use Contact Congress now.

Thank you for your time, and your help in opposing measures that would cause significant harm to our industry.


Ed Bolen
President and CEO, National Business Aviation Association


Also: Weigh In on Social Media

Social media now plays an important role in advocacy – most members of Congress have Twitter accounts, and they are paying attention to the concerns voiced by constituents on social media.

NBAA has the capability to let you use your own Twitter account to weigh in on ATC privatization and user fees. Use this Twitter-based advocacy tool now.


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