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"Gate Guardian" Aircraft Removed from HPN Entrance for Cleaning

Monday, October 26, 2015 1:43 PM | Anonymous

Have you noticed something missing from the entrance of our airport?  

Not too worry as our honorable "Gate Guardian" is undergoing restoration and will be back next month to once again stand tall. 

The aircraft was originally mounted to the pole on Saturday, December 21,1996 @ approximately 1:00PM. Former County Executive Andy O'Rourke developed the inspiration for the project, DPW managed and coordinated the project, and Lothrop Associates were the designers on the project.

The aircraft is on loan to the County from the National Naval Aviation Museum, and while in airport custody, it must be maintained and displayed in a proper manner for compliance with the loan agreement.

Airport manager Pete Scherrer commented, "For almost twenty years, the aircraft has stood vigilantly at her assigned post, greeting all those whose use our Airport. It has now come time for 'Our Girl' to get a 'make over'."

The proposed schedule is to remove the aircraft from her post during the month of September, and transport her to a repair shop in Tarrytown. During the month of October the aircraft will be fully inspected for the presence of metal corrosion and/or stress fractures. Repair will be completed as required, the old paint will be stripped from the aircraft surfaces, followed by the application of new paint and aircraft markings.

The airport anticipates that the aircraft will be returned to her assigned post during the Month of November. 

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