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Airport Safety & Security


Aviation and Travel Security Issues
Presentation on aviation and travel security issues and tips on how to travel safe and secure by Air Safety International of Houston Texas.

Preventing Aircraft Ground Damage
Presentation by Bill Grimes on best practices to avoid damaging aircraft on ground at Westchester County Airport




Flight Safety and Training
Presentation by Flight Safety International on the value or training, specifically in simulators to improve pilot training and enhance safety in flight

WAA Safety Recommendations
Use of Aircraft Lights
Excerpt from AIM Section 3; 4-3-23 paragraph c.
The FAA has a voluntary pilot safety program, Operation Lights On, to enhance the see-and-avoid concept. Pilots are encouraged to turn on their landing lights during takeoff; i.e., either after takeoff clearance has been received or when beginning takeoff roll. Pilots are further encouraged to turn on their landing lights when operating below 10,000 feet, day or night, especially when operating within 10 miles of any airport, or in conditions of reduced visibility and in areas where flocks of birds may be expected, i.e., coastal areas, lake areas, around refuse dumps, etc. Although turning on aircraft lights does enhance the see-and-avoid concept, pilots should not become complacent about keeping a sharp lookout for other aircraft. Not all aircraft are equipped with lights and some pilots may not have their lights turned on. Aircraft manufacturer's recommendations for operation of landing lights and electrical systems should be observed.
Airport Safety News

Traveling Abroad?
If you going overseas, you might want to consider joining Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP). It's a free program through the U.S. State Department that enables them to contact in the event of a travel emergency.

Click here to go to the STEP website for more information about the program and to sign-up

Click here for tips on how to have a safe trip abroad.